OC Thermal

 "Picturing Energy"


Besides scanning for hull defects the sensitive infrared detector and advanced
electronics of the camera can be used to scan for electrical, exhaust, engine,
fuel systems, decks, water leaks and other onboard hard to detect problems.

A Thermal Scan can offer you enhanced marine safety and the ability to prevent
costly catastrophic offshore failures by detecting developing faults with critical systems.
As part of an early detection system, OC Thermal performs the scans with pinpoint accuracy
analyzes thermal images to rapidly identify component and system
faults that cannot be
seen with the naked eye.

An inexpensive review using advanced infrared technology can provide a
large return for your very expensive vessel investment.

Points of Inspection

Manifolds, Risers, Water Pumps,
Exhaust Systems, Mufflers, Hoses,
Transmissions, AC Compressors, Air Leaks,
Shaft Seals, Sound Insulation, Any Insulation,
Generators, AC/DC Power Panels, Electrical Connections, Batteries,
Water Intrusions at Deck,Windows, Thru Hull Fittings, Transoms, 

Sail Boat Masts, Chain Plates & Rigging Attachments, Keels, Rudders,
Hull & Deck Delamination, Blisters, Previous Repairs.

Any Point or System under a Load or Stress.




Lou Mencuccini, CPYB is a Level I Certified Thermographer, using FLIR 40bx Equiptment

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