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Vessel Photos & Cases

This report was generated while inspecting a boat to decide if a buyer wanted to proceed with an offer to purchase the vessel. Once the vessel was placed on the trailer this photo of the exhaust bellows was taken due to "a different noise" from the port side  Bravo III out drive. The photo shows a fluid in the bellows. 

The top photo is from an inboard turbo on a Mann V-10 Diesel Motor, operating under 1400 RPM's. It is not engaged.


This photo is the same turbo, engaged, above 1400 RPM's. We can see the increase in temps, above 300 degrees.


This Inspection shows a temperature difference of less than 4.6 degrees across the 4 cylinders on this Crusader 454 motor. This is indicative of even compression  on these cylinders. A follow up compression test was completed showing less than a 10lbs. difference on these cylinders.
This infrared image was taken on the port side of an old wooden hulled vessel. The image shows repairs (warmer, yellow color), the individual ribs and even the metal fasteners that hold the planking.
This is another thermal image of the bow on this wooden hulled vessel: we can see the repairs that have occured over  the life of the vessel

While Inspecting a large diesel engine I noticed this unusual cool pattern on this water hose. Before I could have the engines shut down, water broke thru a pinhole and started spraying. Had I been underway, under a fuller load, the hose would have split spraying salt water throughout the engine compartment. At what point would it have been noticed?

The thermal image on the left shows a properly working heat exchanger with hot coolant entering on the bottom left side and exiting cooled on the right side. One can see a clear pattern.

The image on the right shows a very limited pattern with the coolant entering on the left side, yet there are no hot spots. This heat exchanger, upon examination was 50 % blocked. The clients did not notice it due to the limited usage (time & load) of the vessel. Had they taken an extended trip, the engine most likely would have overheated.

Lou Mencuccini, CPYB is a Level I Certified Thermographer . These were taken using a FLIR 40 bx Imager.

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